Bored with your website’s look? So change it already!

Maybe your website was built a few years ago and your tired of the design. Or, maybe your business has gone in a new direction and you'd like your site to reflect that with new branding. Or, maybe you just … Continue reading

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Why I fell in love with Mailchimp.

Have I told you why I love Mailchimp? First, if you're not familiar with Mailchimp, it's an email marketing service rivaling the bigs like aWeber, Constant Contact, and iContact. I've used all of them. And, yes, there are ups and … Continue reading

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Easiest way ever to embed YouTube videos into WordPress

There are several ways to embed videos. The most well-known is by copying and pasting the embed code from YouTube. But, I'm always looking for a shortcut and ┬áit's a few extra steps to grab the embed code. This way, … Continue reading

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Working in the car thanks to my new MiFi!

I just got a really cool new toy. For my clients, their iPhone or Droid is their lifeblood. For me, it's my MacBook.Whenever I travel, I'm always looking for a wireless hot spot, which can be a pain. Not to … Continue reading

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