Best Practice Showcase

How to Get Google Love in 2015

As you know, Google's SEO formula is ever changing¬† and it may seem like you're always chasing after it, but never catching up.. I always hear the never ending question, "How can i get my website to show up in … Continue reading

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10 Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Your Website

Your website represents you 24/7 and is your online salesperson. It needs to be updated frequently to stay current and competitive. In 2014, there are certain trends and best practices that you can leverage to keep your website visitors interested … Continue reading

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Facebook Best Practice: Zappos

We all know that Zappos is famous for their customer service and great working environment. You may have read their book... Their goal is to WOW their customers, and they do. If you've ever ordered shoes from them, you'll likely … Continue reading

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Sales Lesson from my Curb Painter

Tonight, while on the phone with a client, I had an interesting lesson. The client I was talking to is doing some amazing stuff, but this particular lesson came from my curb painter. Well, I saw this guy walking up … Continue reading

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Best Practice Spotlight: Whiskey Militia

I found out about this website through my sons, who are avid snowboarders. My oldest son is hooked on this site and has bought multiple items from them; so I had to see what it was all about. While I … Continue reading

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