Best Practice Spotlight: Whiskey Militia

I found out about this website through my sons, who are avid snowboarders. My oldest son is hooked on this site and has bought multiple items from them; so I had to see what it was all about. While I was browsing, two best practices hit me on the head.

Best Practice Strategy #1: Create Demand through Scarcity

Genius here. This online retailer offers ONE product at a time at a huge discount. They release the one product at midnight and sell it til’ it’s sold out. Then, they release their next item until that item’s sold out.

For instance, earlier they were selling Spy Zed Goggles. The retail price was $99.95 and they were selling them for $36.99. The next deal was a snowboard sleeve for only $7.99! In fact, I thought- this would be a great xmas extra for my boys so I was looking at which color to buy. Too slow- it sold out while I was making my decision! :( Can you imagine the frenzy this creates? Now I’m afraid of missing out on the next deal!

It gets better. They also list the number of people currently viewing the page…  right below the quantity available. So, right now there’s about 2000 people on the page, but only 6 are available! I better hurry and buy before someone else swoops up this deal! Scarcity … leading to frenzy…. leading to a Buy. Notice how the Add to Cart button is strategically placed. That’s no accident.

Best Practice Strategy #2: Know Your Target Market

While I was checking out the deals, I snooped around the site to learn more about this smart company. While I read the “About Us” page, I realized, boy- do these people know their target market. And, I’m not it. Target market I would guess is approx. 18-25 year old males; snowboarders and skateboarders. The copy on the site speaks  right to their customers like they’re in the same room. It sounded like my boys were in the room talking. Which is a best practice- write as if you are talking to your one ideal customer. Speak their language. Rather than explain, here it is:

When you do this right, your target market feels as if you are speaking right to them. They know they belong.

See for yourself:


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