Are you confusing your clients with your website?

Many business owners confuse their clients without realizing it…

Are you targeting more than one niche or market?

If your answer is yes, and you have only one website, then you’re confusing your client and it’s likely your website is not as effective as it could be.

Here’s why: When you write copy for your website, you should be writing for your ideal client so you can really speak to their interests and likes. Your website’s design should also target what appeals to that ideal client.

If you’re trying to appeal to everyone, then it’s likely you’ll end up appealing to noone.

Sure, if you are a gigantic brand name, you can water things down. But, otherwise, you should have a separate website for each niche or target market you are serving.

Are you selling different types of products or services?

If so, then you should also consider having more than one website. If your various offerings are all plopped together on one website, it’s confusing. Potential customers don’t want to know that you’re a jack of all trades.

They want to know you are an expert in THEIR area of interest. They want to know that you can solve their particular problem. For example- if you are selling jewelry and also selling your services as a fitness coach, clearly, you should have a separate website for each.

With the competition growing online every day, in every field, it’s important to stand out and niche out.

And you can do that by making your particular expertise and focus crystal clear for your visitors. Assure them you are the go to person to meet or solve their exact need.


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