How to add a YouTube video to your LinkedIn profile

I just added a welcome video to my LinkedIn profile and it took longer than I planned, but now I have it figured out. Looking at so many profiles, I realized I needed to personalize my profile a bit more; thus leading to the video.

Of course, you need to create a video and then upload it to your YouTube file. We’ll start from there…

From LinkedIn, you’ll need to add the SlideShare app. To do this:

  • Under the More tab at the top of your profile, look in the dropdown for “Get more Applications”. 
  • Look for SlideShare presentations and click on the icon.

{The process is a little cumbersome because I tried Method #1 first, and that was to install the Google Presentations app. I went through all of the steps, and unfortunately- it did not work, due to a google bug! My warning is DO NOT USE the Google Presentations app.}

  • It will now take you to the Slideshare app. Be sure to click the box when you see it that says “Display on my Profile”.
  • You can quickly create a new account with Slideshare or login to your existing account.
  • Now, you have two choices. You can upgrade to PRO to more easily add videos. OR you can ignore the upgrade and proceed with this workaround using the regular account. 
  • You will need to create a blank PowerPoint presentation and that will be your canvas. Open PowerPoint, create a new presentation with no content in it and save it.
    • Upload the blank presentation you just created to Slideshare.
    • As it’s uploading, enter and save the details of your presentation.
    • Once it’s uploaded, look for the Edit link. Click on it.
    • From the editing screen, look below the header for “YouTube video”. That’s what you want to insert.
    • Copy and paste the URL of your YouTube video into the space provided.
    • It’s going to ask you where you want to insert the video. Select “Before Slide 1”. 
    • Click Save if it’s not saved already.
  • Now, let’s change some LinkedIn settings. From the MORE menu at the top of LinkedIn, click on Slideshare presentations.
    • Click on App settings on the left.
    • From the options, select “Show complete player (instead of thumbnails)”
    • Under Change Network Updates Settings », select Upload a new presentation. This will share your video upload to your connections.
    • Click Save. 
  • View your Profile and verify the video is appearing.
    • It will default to the bottom of your profile. I recommend moving it as close to the top as you can. This will require moving the entire Applications section.

So, that’s it!!

I know the process had a lot of steps, but now that everything is set up, your next video will be posted much more quickly. And, it will definitely pay off by having that personal touch on your profile when people connect with you.

Oh- here’s my video:


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