How to add a Paypal button to your Quickbooks invoice

Here is one way you can integrate Paypal with Quickbooks. Add a Paypal button to your Quickbooks email invoices, so that customers can click on it and pay with Paypal.

This requires a bit of setup, and you’ll need to download a Paypal app. Here’s how:

  • login to your Paypal account
  • click on the Merchant Services tab
  • Under Manage Payments, click on the “Request Money with Quickbooks” link
  • Read the instructions on how to install and download the Quickbooks Payment Request wizard installation file
  • Create a Quickbooks invoice
  • Click the Payment Request Wizard button in the Quickbooks toolbar
  • Send your invoice

Then your customer receives the invoice via email, clicks on the payment button and is taken to Paypal.


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