How to add Facebook comments to your WordPress site

A best practice for all websites and blogs is to allow for and encourage interaction. People aren’t satisfied with one-sided conversations anymore. With the huge popularity and active use of social media, people want the opportunity to express their thoughts. And as a business owner, you need to allow for that.

WordPress has the Comments box built in, but to be honest, it’s so 2010.

Since everyone is on Facebook, people are more comfortable leaving their comment via Facebook. Look below, and you’ll see an example.

If your site is on WordPress, it’s fairly easy to set up. The plugin I use is called, “Facebook Comments”.

The install is fairly straightforward. It will require you to create a Facebook app, but it sounds more complicated then it is. Just follow the instructions provided and you’ll see it’s super easy.

Don’t worry, if your site is non-Wordpress, you can still add Facebook comments to your pages, however, that will be another post.


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