About Brenda

Yes, a real live person actually exists! Meet Brenda.

What a great time we live in!

We get to interact with people all over the world, thanks to technology that’s being improved upon and invented every day.

I love technology, and working virtually. It opens up so many doors. Yet, in the virtual work world, we miss out on some of the fun that comes with working together in person- the camaraderie, the “water cooler” talk, the get-togethers after work. (I think that’s one of the reasons Facebook is so huge- people need to connect!) I made some great friends when I worked in the corporate world. I find that my clients miss the personal connection, and actually- so do I.

With the intertwining of our personal and professional lives through Social Media, we now want to know the people we do business with. So, since the opportunity to meet you face-to-face doesn’t present itself very often, here’s a  little bit about myself…

Brenda :)


Masters in Education

Pepperdine University

Bachelors in Psychology
Univ. of Ca. at Santa Barbara


Technology has always interested me. Right out of college, I taught computer classes to kids. That was in the days before Windows- and before every household had a computer- yikes!

I have an elementary teaching credential, and taught remediation classes in Hollywood, Ca. I worked with a Virtual School as a teacher and administrator, and then moved into educational software. I trained teachers on Reading & Math software and also consulted with school districts on how to implement technology effectively in the schools.

I traveled quite often, and it got to be too much. I wanted to be home more for my son, Tristan, as he was entering the notorious middle school age. Added to that was the poor state of the education budget in CA. I decided it was time for a transition.

I tried working for another business owner, but realize I like being independent too much. So, I started this business and enjoy meeting new, interesting clients all over the world- in every field.

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