7 LinkedIn Best Practice Tips

I’ve been spending a bit of time on LinkedIn lately and have noticed some people doing really cool things to stand out, and other people unknowingly doing things that are a “turn off”.

Here are 7 best practices for LinkedIn to think about:

  1. Have a decent pic. I’ve seen many profiles with NO picture whatsoever. I won’t accept a connection if the person can’t take the time to post a pic. And, have a decent image that represents you in a good way. Put a real image of you and avoid avatars.
  2. Be specific in your headline. I’ve seen many headlines that say something like “Innovative entrepreneur!” or “Creative visionary!”. You may well be both of those, but please let me know what you do, what industry you’re in, etc. Be sure to test how your profile appears in feeds. That headline next to your name is super important.
  3. Keep in mind that your summary is similar to a job resume, so fill it in and make it informative for the people who may want to do business with you.
  4. Get a vanity url reflecting your name or business.
  5. Don’t inundate everyone with status updates. It’s a good practice to be somewhat active so that you appear in feeds, but you don’t want to annoy people. Your LinkedIn updates should be different than your tweets. LinkedIn updates should be informative to your connections v Twitteresque telling them what you had for breakfast.
  6. Ask people for recommendations to build your credibility. If you send a request, be sure to personalize it and not send the generic LinkedIn generated message!!
  7. Finally, know your purpose. For me, it’s to connect with entrepreneurs who may need my assistance as well as participate in groups that will uplevel my business.

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