6 cool ways to use Google Docs

Have you tried Google Docs?

Google Docs is a way to create and share documents online. Google stores your document online, and you can share it with other people by sending them a link to the document. It has all of the components of Microsoft Office. It has templates you can use to create documents or upload an existing document.

Why would you want to use Google Docs? Here are 6 uses:

  1. Revisions:

    When writing, I revise my documents multiple times and sometimes need a history of revisions to refer back to. I’ll save each revision by using Save As and changing the document name. It can get confusing trying to figure out which document is the most recent, for instance if I forget to change the name or aren’t careful with the naming convention. I’ve made the mistake of working from an old document, and it’s a pain. Instead, you can just upload your document to Google docs and the most recent version is stored, as well as the revision history.

  2. Collaboration:

    How many times have you emailed documents back and forth for editing? Hopefuly, the document isn’t too large or that poses a problem right off the bat. It also gets difficult to determine which version is the most recent one and ensuring everyone’s revisions are included. Instead, post your document to Google docs and share the document link with those you want to be able to view and edit. It’s stored online, in real time so you never have to wonder if you have the most recent version. You can also collaborate simultaneously and use the chat feature as you group edit.

  3. Backup:

    To back up any file, just upload it to Google docs. The file can be up to 1 gb in size,  and set to private so only you can see.

  4. Sharing large files or folders:

    I use YouSendIt quite a bit to share large files. However, it gets cumbersome sending large zip files. Sometimes, the recipient is unable to unzip or loses the link. With Google docs, you can create a folder, and share the entire folder with someone. Just set the permission level, and send an invite to the person you wish to share the folder with. They just need to click on the link to access.

  5. Forms:

    This is probably one of the least known features. You can create any type of form- customer satisfaction, etc. and invite participants to complete it by sharing the link. Or, you can embed the form onto your website and blog. It tracks and compiles all of the responses for you.

  6. Presentations:

    Create a presentation (similar to PowerPoint) about your company’s offerings, , share the url or set it to public and use it as a marketing tool. You can also embed the presentation onto your website.

Here’s one way I used Google Docs:


Here’s the link if you want to try it out yourself: http://docs.google.com/


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