5 Un-sexy, must have plugins for WordPress…

New plugins are created all of the time for WordPress so it’s important to keep current on the latest ones.

I group plugins into two categories:

1. Functional

2. Cool.

Group 1 plugins make your site more secure,  easier to manage or more visible. They’re like water- you need them to survive in the WordPress world.

The other set of plugins, the Cool ones, are the Bells & Whistles that up-level your site and make it standout.

Today, we’ll talk about the Functional plugins. These are not sexy, but you’ve got to have them.

  • Akismet:

    This is the anti-spam plugin. This will zap all those annoying spammers that comment on your posts. Without it, those spam comments get out of control. This important plugin is automatically installed with your WordPress install. However, you have to take another step to actually activate it. You need to input the activation code. If you haven’t done this; you will see a message on your Dashboard.

  • SEO All In One:

    This plugin is designed to increase your site’s “Search Engine Optimization”. It allows you to designate specific keywords and tags for your site and for each page. Not only that, you can designate a Title for each page.

  • Ultimate Google Analytics:

    It’s important to monitor your website’s statistics. How many visitors do you get each month? Where are they coming from? How long are they staying on each page? You want to know the answers to these questions so you can 1. Improve your site and 2. Know if whatever marketing efforts you have in place are effective.

  • WP Super Cache:

    All you need to know is that it makes your site and its pages load faster. You do not want your visitors waiting for your page to load. Know what I do if I have to wait for a page to load? I click away. There are too many websites and resources out there to have to wait.

  • WP DB Manager:

    This plugin automatically backs up your website. And, it can email the entire site database to you. Enough said.

You can download them here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

Don’t forget to keep your plugins updated. Also, inactivate any plugins you don’t use frequently, as they can slow down your site.

The next post we’ll discuss the Bells & Whistles plugins.


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