1ShoppingCart Alternative to help you sell your products

Tired of 1ShoppingCart ?

I work in 1ShoppingCart all of the time as that’s the shopping cart option the majority of my clients use.

It has some awesome features, but it has its drawbacks and can be quite pricey. Most clients sign up for the $99 package, yet use only a few of the available features. If you need just a shopping cart to sell your products, there is a $34 package that you might want to select. With that program, you can create products, buy now links, and create autoresponder messages.

I’ve found another shopping cart program that I recommend if you’re tired of 1ShoppingCart, Premium Web Cart.

I’m recommending them for two reasons:

They have free tech support, which I love. 1ShoppingcCart in contrast, makes you pay for tech support. :(

Premium Web Cart also does not charge any transaction fees, whereas 1shoppingcart charges 1.25%. :(

So, if you’re just starting out or if you’ve grown tired of 1ShoppingCart, definitely check out Premium Web Cart. It’s a very viable option for you and your business.


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