15 To-Dos to Get Your Tech-Organized for 2015

In the spirit of starting the new year fresh, I spent some time getting my email and computer organized. It’s not very exciting, but it sure feels great!

Below, I share 15 to-do items that will help you get your tech organized and more secure, as you launch into a brand new year.  Some of them are super quick that you can do in 5 minutes..

If you have any questions, please let me know.
1.  Delete all spam in the Spam folder of your email account. (i just did this and there were over 2k emails! )

2. Delete all of the items in your Trash folder of your email account.  (although Gmail says it empties after 30 days, I sure had a lot in there).

3. Ruthlessly Unsubscribe to lists you’ve signed up for. You can always subscribe again if you find you miss them. This will cut down on tons of email that you don’t need.

4. If you check email via Gmail. delete all items from the Social tab

5. Create filters in your email account so emails that can wait are automatically moved to another folder. For example, I have a Marketing folder, and emails go in there automatically and I can review when I have time.

6. Change your passwords. Hacking is mind-blowingly rampant. so please start this year off as safe as possible. You can use LastPass or 1Password to store all of your passwords.

7. Make sure your WordPress website has been updated to the latest version 4.1, as well as plugins. (This is super super important to prevent hackers. If you knew how many attempts there are every day to get into your website, you would be blown away.)

8. Check your computer for updates and take the time to actually do the updates and restart your computer (I’m always impatient with this but it helps prevent viruses & makes your computer run better.)

9. Turn OFF social media notifications, so you aren’t constantly interrupted on your phone or email. From a study I read, it takes 64 seconds to recover from an email interruption. All of the social media accounts have a setting where you can reduce your notifications or turn them off completely, like I did.

10. Delete all of the items that are in your computer’s Trash. I love this!

11. Delete or file all items that are on your computer’s Desktop. The clutter there is mentally exhausting.  I did this and had 14 screenshots that I certainly don’t need anymore but were still cluttering my desktop.

12.  Delete all of the items that are in your computer’s Downloads folder. If there are any that you need, move them to the appropriate folder.

13  This is bit more time-intensive but is worth the time investment: Review your computer’s Document folder and delete as much as possible. File anything that is not filed. I did this a month ago, and it felt great to free myself and my computer from files I no longer need and are just taking up space.

14. Make sure you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer and that it is current. This is just one of those things that you have to do. It’s a pain to have to clean up after the fact and usually requires hiring someone to fix it.

15. If you did at least 10 of these, CELEBRATE! Your tech is off to a great start! :)

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