10 Must-Haves For Every Sales Page

Before you start driving traffic to your Sales page, review the below list and make sure you’ve covered all of your bases.

    1. Compelling headline: Your headline must immediately grab your ideal client’s attention or you will lose them forever. You can ask a provocative question or make an interesting statement about the problem they’re looking to solve.  You have a few seconds to pique and keep their interest and instantly let them know you can relate to their problem. If you capture their attention, and only if, then they will stay on your page and read further.

    2. Easy on the eyes copy: You can find tons of advice on this, but my #1 advice is to make sure you’re writing in an informal manner. Don’t write a thesis. Write as if you are talking to your ideal client and sharing this information with them personally. Keep paragraphs short and sentences simple. If you have a choice between a big word or a short word, choose the short word. This is not the place to showcase your professor-like vocabulary. Think of short attention spans and remember people like to skim so ensure they can get the gist of your offer easily by scanning.

    3. Interesting graphics: No one likes to look at big blocks of text. It’s ugly and uninteresting. Find interesting or pretty graphics to add life to the page and help you illustrate your message. Don’t overkill, but a sprinkling here or there at appropriate points in the copy. Make it pretty and visually appealing. Of course have a picture of yourself, your business, or your product.

    4. Benefits: This answers every shopper’s #1 question, “What’s in it for me?” Give the bigger picture, and emotional benefits. How will it make their life better? How will it make them happier? Will they have more free time? More money? Be more beautiful? Get more dates? Grow their business? Help more people? Whatever it is- list it.

    5. Establish credibility: You can do this by telling your story about your successful experience, and through customer testimonials. If you’re just starting out, you can have people attest to your character, knowledge, etc. Or, give away freebies of your product or service- and ask the recipients for testimonials. Some people feel like they’re “bragging” but this is not the case at all. You aren’t meeting your customer face-to-face- so they have only the copy on the page to rely on, and it needs to build enough trust to buy from you, or want more from you. Testimonials are the equivalent of referrals and references.

    6. Overcome objections: Think like your ideal client. What are their objections? Cost? Time? Quality? Whatever it is, acknowledge it and address it so they can move on in the sales process.

    7. An amazing, valuable offer: Everyone likes a deal. Package your product or service so they are getting tremendous value. This is not to say to slash your prices and be the cheapest around. I wouldn’t advise that at all. Instead, build UP your offering. Add more to it. What would your clients love? What would add value and help them? Think of items that would interest and help your clients that you could do with minimal effort.

    8. Strong guarantee: Determine and state your guarantee policy with a corresponding image. Conversion rates increase when your clients know they are buying “risk-free”. Be very clear. If your policy is no refunds, but they can exchange for another service, list it. If it’s refunds within 10 days, list it. Above all- HONOR whatever your policy is. If you’re very confident about your product or service, you can increase conversions by offering a crazy guarantee such as “If you don’t love this product, I will refund your money and give you $100 out of pocket”.  Then, give them tremendous value so they don’t cash in on this offer.

    9. Valuable bonuses: Offer some extras and freebies. Everyone loves them. Think of the Macy’s cosmetics counter. They do it because it works.

    10. Explicit and compelling call to action: Don’t just let your sales page fizzle at the end and don’t leave your potential client wondering what they should do next. Tell them, explicitly, what you want them to do next. “Click the Add to Cart button now!”. “Subscribe to our newsletter and receive your 10 Weight-loss tips right away!”

    There are other bells and whistles that I advise adding to your sales page- such as audio or video. But the above are the absolute must, must-haves.


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