10 Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Your Website

Your website represents you 24/7 and is your online salesperson. It needs to be updated frequently to stay current and competitive. In 2014, there are certain trends and best practices that you can leverage to keep your website visitors interested and on your site.

Here you go:

  1. Declutter,lessismore
    This is big. Just like a cluttered house, visiting a cluttered website is not a good experience & will scare your visitors away. Use the minimum words possible. Make sure there is a purpose for every image. Each item on a page requires processing by the human brain, so by simplifying, the customer’s mind is free to think about your content and services.
  2. Shorten content.
    Use short bursts of content, Twitter style. As our attention spans have become shorter, so should your content. Don’t use more than about 250 characters unless it’s your blog.  Break up your text into smaller paragraphs and use sub-heads or graphics to help users scan more easily.
  3. Use interesting typography.
    Websites now have a greater potential than ever to use expressive typography in conveying meaning, tone, and voice. Large, display fonts can make headers more attractive, while serifed body copy can make the reading experience easier.
  4. Focus on mobile..
    Everyone checks their email on their smartphone now, so it’s a must to design your website with the mobile experience in mind. Take a look at your site, and see how it is presented on a mobile-device.
  5. Use video instead of text.
    Video has the ability to convey meaning in ways that text simply cannot. Product demonstrations, a human face & voice, and a greater feeling of engagement and conversation are just a few of the benefits of video.
  6. Simplify your navigation.
    You should have no more than 7 menu items. They should have descriptive labels, not generic. Place it at the top where your visitors expect it & eliminate drop downs.
  7. Get rid of the sidebar.
    Make the reading experience more pleasant by getting rid of the sidebar distractions and expanding the content to the entire page. Use sidebars sparingly.
  8. Increase your white space.
    It’s tempting to try to include as much information on your page as possible, but overcrowding makes pages difficult to read or scan quickly. Use whitespace between paragraphs, content boxes, graphics and navigation elements to keep your pages easy and breeze to read.
  9. Simplify your color scheme.
    Use just one or two contrasting colors. One of the colors should pop to add interest.
  10. Long-scrolling website
    People know how to scroll, and it’s much easier to scroll than to click around to different pages. Make it easier and faster to read for users who like to scan the page. You get to order your content the way you want your visitor to experience it, rather than hoping they figure out where you want them to go.

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