The #1 purpose of YOUR WordPress website…

It’s important to be clear on the true purpose of your WordPress website. It serves many purposes such as, it:

  • gives people more info about you
  • piques interest in you and your offering
  • establishes your credibility
  • overcomes objections
  • collects leads
  • promotes your brand
  • showcases your expertise
  • provides contact info
  • describes your service
  • a hub for the press to get needed info
  • looks cool

However, keep in mind that if you are in business,  the #1, bottom-line  reason for your website’s existence is… 

to SELL. It’s simply a selling tool.

All of the above points leads to the ultimate goal of your ideal client investing in your product or service. If you’re a speaker, it’s to help you book speaking gigs. If you’re a coach, your website’s purpose is to help you land clients. ETC

I mention this because so often people get amped up and caught up in the excitement of creating their website, because they know a business is supposed to have a website. But, they neglect to sit down and identify the objective for it. It’s more like a new, shiny toy.

If  you’re in business, & desire to survive and prosper (and who doesn’t!), you must SELL and your website is your selling tool. I’m sorry if that doesn’t sound more enlightened, but it’s just fact. Your heart goal and higher purpose may be to help people, but you can’t help them if they don’t sign up for your service. Period.

Whether you’re planning your new website, planning your make-over or when you’re taking any action whatsover on your website, keep this #1 objective in mind. This will make your website much more effective.


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